Inktober Day 3

Day 2 recap:

  • Did you use a reference?

yes google search

  • How much time was taken to complete this piece?

approximately 35 min

  • Today in the challenge…

staying awake. I was extremely sleepy, I need to change my drawing schedule.

  • Today in my life…

still car less, and its using some of my mental energy when I am at my day job. I don’t like it but I have to figure out how to get to and from work.

  • Ambitious or careful?

somewhat careful still? Maybe both. I was ambitious to try drawing in cross hatching, but when I go back to view the video, I see where I could have stopped.

  • Did I struggle?

not at all.

  • Satisfied?


I probably should really quit…

I realize I go to a lot of events. I’ll go alone, I’ll go with friends, I’ll even go to make new friends. I’m not like Drake, “No New Friends, No New Friends” attitude.

I knew I had an event to go to but still didn’t make time to sketch. Today’s prompt is roasted….. all I can think of is roasted coffee and roasted chicken. What else do we roast?

  • Did you use a reference?

Yes google.

  • How much time was taken to complete this piece?

Twenty minutes

  • Today in the challenge… didn’t know what to draw
  • Today in my life… still carless, and frustrated with not having a form of transportation. It’s consuming my mind while I’m at work!
  • Ambitious or careful? Careful.
  • Did I struggle? Not at all.
  • Satisfied? Ehh

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