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InkTober Day 1 – I want To Quit

It’s the first day of inktober and I am already thinking about quitting. I know, I know terrible right?

I haven’t even gotten a chance to take pen to paper and start drawing yet. I certainly didn’t dare to look at the hashtags either. But it seems like this year is bigger and better. So many people have been talking about inktober through different platforms, and I’m excited of what can come of it, but I am uncertain about if I can really commit to it.

My room is up in shambles. No, I mean literally, the ceiling is – or was falling and now my room is pretty much dismantled. My car, A Toyota baby blue Echo, Which was coined the name Bluegotti  is in the repair shop, and I’m not willing to throw more money into her. It’s a little bit of an emotional time because she’s been a ride or die for me for the past several years.

Now for inktober, I wanted to document my process through video and up load it to youtube, and share through my socials – IG, Twitter, Facebook.

Maybe I’m doing the most, and just need to focus on creating the artwork. I’ve already went and purchased all my tools for inktober. I just need to make time and schedule in the sketchbook practice. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, there is a prompt list that we can follow. And I have a bit of an Idea I’d like to execute for the sketch. I just need to sit down and do it.

But I’ve also been thinking about quitting. Am I doing too much? Am I setting a realistic goal? If I choose to simply post in Instagram, that would be the minimum effort. Draw, ink, take a good picture, use the tools I have to edit and make it look pretty & clean, then post. Or at least that’s my thought process of how it might go. I have to actually sit and do it to see what it’s really like. Adding the video component is extra and not really necessary. I’ve updated my personal calendar and I can see where my free time is and I can work around that.

Lastly, I’m hoping this will catapult me into drawing daily. If I am going to push forward with focusing on art as a career, I need to be a little bit wise in how I approach that. I’ve gotten the inspiration from fellow artist Minnie Small to ponder and reflect on these questions for an upcoming project:

  • what counts as a piece of art?
  • are you allowed to miss a day?
  • will you be planning the art in advance?
  • what’s this all for?
  • Did you use a reference?
  • How much time was taken to complete this piece?
  • Today in the challenge…
  • Today in my life…
  • Ambitious or careful?
  • Did I struggle?
  • Satisfied?

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