In Search of Silence 

So the other day I was pretty much rambling about how much noise surrounds me. I’ve found that silence is one of the precious gifts surrounding the wee hours of the morning. No one likes to be up before hey have to and well last night I was in bed super early. So now I have time to write for about and hour uninterrupted. While we are stil in the early months of winter I can still hear the birds chirping and very few airplanes flying over head. The morning day is fast approaching yet there is still a calmness to today’s presence. Maybe because I know I don’t have to hustle and bustle everywhere like I do during the week. So yesterday I spoke about my schedule – or what used to be my schedule. Things have shifted so much and I am looking to do more batching of my time. Being on the road brings anxiety my way. Ensuring I dint get hit by an upset, in a rush, not paying attention driver. It takes a toll mentally. 

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