In Over My Head!

It’s 10:45 pm and I am thinking out loud in my mind- if that makes any sense – as I type away at my key board.

My mind wanders ten feet ahead and I’m still 100 feet behind – and right now I feel like I am in over my head.

The goal is to publish daily – and today makes day 40. The goal is also to get better.

I want to take you on my journey from where I currently am – to where I’d like to be.

I have a plan – but its best that I publish weekly with that plan.

And so I’m pondering how to serve you best in between.

Do I share what I’m working on? What I’m struggling with? What’s going on in my life? The last thing I want to do is publish daily and it not be useful to anyone.

Weekly has been easy for me. I’ve done it before and I continue to do that on another blog.

However to publish daily, that a different feat.  It’s not that writing inspiration doesn’t strike – it’s that it strikes me when I am at work, listening to a podcast, or when I am driving. It’s also not always in line with the journey from here to there.

I know that I am over thinking this and in the back of my mind I am questioning, “what would it look like if this were easy?”

I’d jump online, I’d write about a current event, an article I’ve read or a podcast I’ve listened to and share what I’ve learned, my thoughts  or my point of view.

I think back to why I started writing daily and its to prove to myself that I can be committed. That I can show up every single day. I’ve tried countless times to do daily sketch projects – and have failed numerously by missing a day. That missed day turns into weeks, months and so on. I’ve thought of pairing the two – drawing something and then writing about it. Or writing about design and then drawing something. Again as you can see I am seriously over thinking this.

Perhaps I should start where I am currently – and if someone has questions on the beginning stuff I can go back and answer it.

I have no problem coming up with projects – I want them so blend seamlessly together across the board.

Right now I think its easiest to continue to tread forward and go back and edit. With that, I know what to write about tomorrow.

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