If I'm Honest With Myself (day 20)

If I am honest with myself I can’t wait for day 30 to get here.

Its so much easier to write and publish once a week than it is to write daily. Sometimes I have these awesome titles that come up in my mind – but if I don’t immediately write, I will forget what came to mind.

It’s easier (for me) to write weekly because I can mull over what I’ve written, I can rewrite it, tweak it, edit it – and best of all EDIT!

It’s that polished perfection error free post that gets better over time – showing up again and again…. I think you get the point. But this is my thought process for what I’d like to do after day 30.

Why can’t I wait for day 30 to get here?

Glad you asked. I want to start writing about my journey to IDEO.

Why not start now? I want to do more research and reading before I start publishing. My publishing schedule will be twice a week.

What will I be writing about? Product design and industrial design. I’ll also be taking a few courses from IDEO U. I am going to write 100 articles relating to product design.

What do I have so far? An outline of topics to research, books to read, and articles to read.

Whats my biggest struggle? Deciding if I should continue to write on this blog, start a new one or maintain my other one (doniastudio).

I really just want one hub site and everything in one place – but it didn’t start out that way. I had too many ideas and didn’t stick to one long enough.

Yesterday I re-read The Alchemist and boy what a great read that was. There are so many great principles in there. Like the need for clarity, knowing what you want, and believing that things will course correct to get you to the path. The Alchemist talked a lot about fear as well following our hearts desire.

Right now my hearts desire is to work for IDEO, and to keep doniastudio small.

Scaling is difficult and not what I’d like to be focusing on.


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