If I could do college all over again…(day 19)

I saw a question on Facebook, “would you put off college just to avoid going further into debt?”

Yes and no. If I could do college all over again, I’d be sure I had a full time job that was

1. Paying for my classes or

2. Take a year off inbetween. Or

3. Work until I figured out what I’d like to do.

We spend too much time thinking about what we want to be when we grow up that we disregard everything that happens in between. We wish our years away saying I can’t wait to be this age to this or to be this age to do that. All the while continuing to miss the point and the purpose of being here.

I think it’s important to be wise, and with the changes that are happening with education, I’m uncertain of how a college education will play out. There are so many new ways to get the information that – if someone is willing and knows how to focus- they could learn as much as they’d like on their own.

The advice I’d give to someone going to college: look for scholarships, visit companies you think you’d like to work for, network like crazy – but on a genuine level, if you are uncertain of a major go to county college and pay for school out of pocket. If you can’t pay for it, work first then go to school. Don’t forget that the learning happens both inside and outside the classroom.

There is no real way to say that if I go to college I will make xx amount of dollars based on my education. Many employers are interested in seeing what you have done, what you have accomplished outside of work. I once had a job where I was m asking the least amount of money but I was the only one there with a degree. (Of course I left – if made me realize I could not settle).

Don’t get caught up in the hype of “the college experience “. When I was in college it meant getting drunk and clubbing – do what you do but that’s not what floats my boat. I’m much more interested in having deep conversations with people, or a fun activity.

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