I wish it were a bad dream instead

In the state of tragedy there is not much you can say or do to comfort someone.
If its not something you’ve experienced yourself you won’t have the empathy to extend.
So what do you do in the state of tragedy?

Last month a couple of friends and I read through the book of Job.
for what ever reason my consciousness kept pulling me to read the book.
Job experienced many a hardship – at once.
There is no explanation for it.
God is sovereign and he does as he pleases.

Job 1:13-22The Message (MSG)

13-15 Sometime later, while Job’s children were having one of their parties at the home of the oldest son, a messenger came to Job and said, “The oxen were plowing and the donkeys grazing in the field next to us when Sabeans attacked. They stole the animals and killed the field hands. I’m the only one to get out alive and tell you what happened.”

16 While he was still talking, another messenger arrived and said, “Bolts of lightning struck the sheep and the shepherds and fried them—burned them to a crisp. I’m the only one to get out alive and tell you what happened.”

17 While he was still talking, another messenger arrived and said, “Chaldeans coming from three directions raided the camels and massacred the camel drivers. I’m the only one to get out alive and tell you what happened.”

18-19 While he was still talking, another messenger arrived and said, “Your children were having a party at the home of the oldest brother when a tornado swept in off the desert and struck the house. It collapsed on the young people and they died. I’m the only one to get out alive and tell you what happened.”

20 Job got to his feet, ripped his robe, shaved his head, then fell to the ground and worshiped:

21 Naked I came from my mother’s womb,
    naked I’ll return to the womb of the earth.
God gives, God takes.
    God’s name be ever blessed.

22 Not once through all this did Job sin; not once did he blame God.

Why am I writing this?
My friend is in the midst of a tragedy.
I know there is nothing I can say or do to comfort her.
I do not know where her faith stands – but I pray she holds dear to it.
Stefany was traveling home from a funeral with her mother and two children.
Her son Ravon was pronounced deceased on the scene.
Her daughter Passed yesterday (September 15, 2015).
Her son was five, her daughter was two.
I met Stefany while working at Investors Bank in Irvington, NJ.
We weren’t the coolest when we first met but we grew to like each other after really getting to know one another.
We found out we knew many of the same people.
I feel sick to my stomach to know that she has lost her children. Her mothers condition is still critical.
Stefany, if you ever read this, hold tight to your faith. God knows what he is doing.
No amount of words right now can heal your pain, no amount of money can end the suffering, only God knows.
The one thing I am certain of is that God is a one of restoration, and redemption.
I know bits and pieces of your story, but He knows it all. Ask for His strength and His mercy.
know that I am praying for you.
A friend and I were texting and he said this is really sad.
My response, “A blessing will come of it”. This I am certain of.
I feel like I need to do something.
I want to hug you and say “it’s going to get better”.
The only thing I can think of doing is to pray, to give a donation to lighten the burden.
I am waiting on God to give you a testimony. Regardless of how long it takes.
Know that my heart is heavy, and I know that you are in the midst of agony, pain, strife? Discord?
I’m shedding tears, because you invited me into your home to meet Brielle after giving birth.
You asked me to do lettering for her name way back before id decided to keep practicing it.
And Ravon, sweetest little boy. You both call me, “Keshy”.
Oh Stefany, words will not suffice…..
I really wish this was a bad dream instead.

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