I used to think we'd live in a mansion (day 13)

You see, when I first met my grandma I’d hear her talk such good things about relatives I’d never met. Her children, my Aunts and uncles – it sounded like one big happy family.

I thought we would live in a really big house, and each person would have their own room. We’d gather together and have dinner together, and I’d have cousins that were more like siblings. Oh the nativity of being a child. So i used to think we’d live in a mansion, And then I grew up and learned all the differences we have in personality traits. In creole we have a saying, “defo”. It’s like everyone has their own tendencies or bad habits. 

I realized the way my grandma was speaking, it was very much true that most of the family grew up together but it was more so in like a village style. It was explained to me like this, ” imagine you have a lot, or a court with different huts, each family stayed in one”.  One thing for certain it sounded like the life style there was much more laid back. They were able to keep their doors unlocked and not worry about much. 

Sadly, I haven’t been to Haiti yet.  I keep hearing how it’s not the same and people don’t want to go back. My grandma used to tell scary stories so when she would offer us to go with her to visit my answer was always a prompt no. My grandma used to brag about how many children she had, “wmen fe onz petit” – I had eleven children! You couldn’t tell her anything! She was grown!!! I never met my grandfather, her husband. I’m not sure how he passed but my mom has shown me photos of him. In fact she named me after him, she changed it up a bit his name was Kreshnel. 

The nativity of children is great. They bring so much hope and joy, their thoughts aren’t jarred by society and they know play very well. So I used to think I’d live in a mansion with my really big family (and even some of my friends). Now I think that would be asking for just plain chaos.

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