I survived INKTOBER 2018

Hello World. Originally when this challenge started I wanted to draw, do a daily write-up and post to youtube, and then I quickly realized –  I realized I needed to RELAX just a bit. I still work a full-time job and teach on the side. So doing all that was bound to set me up for failure. Rather than give up on the daily drawing – which was the main focus of the challenge, I decided to go ahead and continue to draw and post to facebook and tumblr. I realized my write up could be what I left in the comments section below. And even then I didn’t do that on the daily either.

There were quite a few things that happened where I had no control over it. The ceiling in my room decided to fall through. My Blue Toyota Echo Died, then I went and purchased a dodge neon from my mechanic – which gave me issues less than a week later – forcing me to have to ask for help from my coworkers to tow my car. I felt embarrassed that day, but thankful none the less. A week later I found out one of my dearest cousins passed away. This October was a hard month.

There were few glimmers of joy.

My fiance’ and I finally put a deposit down on our wedding venue, I went down to DC to visit an old friend of mine, maybe two friends of mine and I took a course that helped me learn how to reframe my thinking much quicker and stay positive or deal with the things I can’t control or change right away- which was perfect timing with everything that happened this past month.

What’s Next?

I’m making prints! I’ll be opening my shop within the next two weeks and I’d love it if you joined me. Visit and sign up to receive 35% your first order. People on my mailing list will always get the best deals and rates. Especially those that show loyalty.

What tools did I use? Keep reading to find out.

What did I learn/what did inktober teach me?

You need margin for when Life happens. What does this mean? When I’m busy I AM BUSY. But after listening to a quick live It’s become such a cliche thing to say and it may frustrate you but we don’t have control over everything. Do what you can with what you have now and everything else will fall into place. MY supervisor sat me down and let me know that my stress was showing on my face. I mean that’s not the way he broke it down to me but he let me know he could tell I needed a break. While I am not at my breaking point, I have been highly stressed, with medical issues (my thyroids) and everything I’ve listed going out of whack. I simply would like a day where I could get a massage and not think about my problems. I know that there were some days where I could have pushed my drawing a bit more. I am certain it shows in the work too. Initially, I was looking to explore different techniques with inking. Instead, I found myself using a variety of tools, like

  • Dr. PH  Martins India Ink.
  • Dynasty paintbrush in a size 1
  • pilot Inkpen
  • Marie’s guache
  • pentel pocket brush ink pen
  • Stillman and Burn Beta series 250lbs smooth mixed media sketchbook.
  • iPhone for video recording, lights supplied by my sister in law for lending me her lights.

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