I Punked Out

I know sucks right? I was super excited to go and I have plenty of excuses as to why I ended up going home instead of going to the city.

I won’t list them. I did try to gather my friends to talk about the topic.

Here’s are my thoughts on the future of higher education:

With many people interested in entrepreneurship there needs to be a shift in what we are teaching. No more theory based projects but instead real world challenges. It makes no sense for someone to attend a school – undergraduate or graduate school to accumulate nearly hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt just to try and find a job that they can barely live off and pay bills. And yes, that was my situation upon graduating. The system needs to change.

There are many things I wish I knew ahead of time now that I look back, however I was the first generation in my family to complete college. I attended two years at a local university where the professor didn’t know how to give useful feedback. In his opinion everything sucked. I shared my story in a post earlier here.

During my years in college I had to work a part time job so that I could afford the expenses of books, food, and resources for my design classes. I always felt like I wasn’t putting enough effort and time towards my classes. I felt that I could always do more, and better on my projects. But thats what happens when your strapped for cash, time and resources.

I find it interesting that we say education ought to be accessible to everyone and affordable. If this were true Colleges and Universities wouldn’t be in search of making a change to their systems in the first place. The reality is that the systems that were put in place is far overdue for an update.

Things need to change in the way we learn and the way we teach. More travel should be incorporated in people’s learning experiences. Everyone should take a course in creativity, nutritional health and a fitness class. Education should be a life long journey and while I understand it takes years to become a master at something the learning should continue through out the years.

Universities can partner up with businesses and workplaces so that the learning can continue. I believe thats how change can be implemented across the globes.

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