I know I already posted about gratitude, but…

I’m learning that your instinct, your intuition – it has some truth to it. Maybe more than we’d like to admit.

I almost got into a car wreck today.

I was headed to the bank to make a deposit so I can pay my bills.

I was using my GPS and the light was green.

When I looked to the right after crossing the light I saw a black Audi coming straight to my passenger door.

Quickly I steered my wheels to the left and I was waiting for the impact to hit my car.

But nothing happened.

The driver avoided the collision.

I am so grateful that I wasn’t in an accident today.

And yesterday I had a slow leak in my tire.

Earlier in the week I had someone check-in with me asking if I had changed my tires. I promised to do it this weekend.

I’m happy I did because something tells me that If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this post.

We really never know when the clock will run out.

I made it today without a scratch on my car.

Thank You Jesus for continuing to watch over me.


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