I didn’t Quit – Inktober 2018 Day 2

I didn’t quit. I published on my IG, shared to my Facebook, Tumblr and I’m still alive. I wanted to answer these questions I posted at the end of yesterday’s blog post. I did publish really late but for yesterday the answers are still fresh in my head, and besides, I am finding it a little difficult to fall asleep. Not to mention I had a caramel latte and I’m assuming that has something to do with it. I haven’t had a cup of coffee in a few weeks.

  • what counts as a piece of art?
    • an illustration made in the designated sketchbook for Inktober.
  • are you allowed to miss a day?
    • I’d really prefer not to. There’s something sexy about showing up and being consistent. but do we ever really know if and when something will come up? There are so many people that are able to get through without a blimp, or in spite of it. It’s all about moderation and being intentional. Like me staying up until nearly 3 am isn’t the best time considering I’ll have my work cut out for me.
  • will you be planning the art in advance?
    • just thinking about the prompts. like today’s prompt is tranquil. it can go either way. I was thinking every post had to reflect some form of evil…. still working on this.
  • what’s this all for?
    • to grow as an artist, illustrator, and designer. learning how to solve other peoples problems using my design and illustrative skills. I’m hoping to work on my sketch framing, storytelling, and grow my audience.

These questions below are questions I’ll answer more regularly. The previous ones were to establish what my goals were.

  • Did you use a reference?
    • I did, mainly my own and google search images.
  • How much time was taken to complete this piece?
    • approximately 40 min
  • Today in the challenge…
    • I struggled with making time to sketch. I was focused on my mastermind call and paying invoices.
  • Today in my life…
    • my room is literally upside down. and I can’t wait to have it back in order.
  • Ambitious or careful?
    • my drawing was a bit careful. for something that was last minute I don’t know that I wanted to delve too much into attempting to draw something I was completely unfamiliar with.
  • Did I struggle?
    • somewhat. using a new material that takes a bit of adjusting, it’s the Pentel brush and you can achieve various thicknesses with one brush.
  • Satisfied?
    • yes! I published something, and then I shared it!!!.

Just hoping I don’t regret this in a few hours as I prep to go to my main job…

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