I Am Now 30

When June comes around I get excited. The majority of rain days are over. And Its my Birth month!!!!!

I am now Thirty – I can’t believe it. And when I started the job I have now, My co-workers seemed to reminisce about their younger twenty something age. However on the other hand, I am excited to enter the #dirtythirty age.

I’ve had so much fun this past weekend. We rented out a house and 14 of my friends came through to celebrate with me. Of course we drank, we celebrated, and we had fun at the beach. We saw the beach at pitch black dark, during daylight and at sunrise. It was a ton of fun.

My birthday this year was on a Friday, and we took the entire weekend to have some good clean fun. We drove down to Atlantic City and stayed at an Air B&B in Brigantine, NJ. The house was gorgeous and just the right size for all of us. We are planning to do this again next year.  I was reading a post by Wilanda , and was inspired to do something similar.

Thirty Things About me:

  1. I am Left handed.
  2. I was born three months premature.
  3. I am a Gemini
  4. I have two older sisters on my fathers side, Nagelah and Farah. And unfortunately, through out the years we’ve lost touch.
  5. And by one of them I became an Aunty at a very young age.
  6. my oldest brother is 4 year my senior
  7. my sister is six years younger than I
  8. my child hood best friend and I will have the same last name 😮
  9. I can draw my ass off!!!
  10. I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger – an art teacher.
  11. I teach sip and paint classes. ( email me if you want to book me!)
  12. I love the color turquoise, you know like the Caribbean ocean, and tiffany blue. More recently I’ve been enjoying the color pink – its the color of all the stationary at my desk!
  13. I enjoy changing my hair styles like we change clothes everyday.
  14. I used to pray fro really long hair. Now that I’m natural, I’m not so sure that I want that. Natural hair is a lot of work!
  15. I really want to be a vlogger. But I often have no idea what to talk about!
  16. I try to push my mom out her comfort zone, to be comfortable on camera and do the same. Make videos about sewing.
  17. I’ve got several nicknames, keshy, keshypooh,
  18. which is fine cause I love pooh bear as a kid. Kay Tee is what I’ll tell Starbucks, Nana was my nickname when I was a child. Kesh-nana is a new one too,
  19. my sister and I are total opposites and that’s ok.
  20. If someone says my name wrong I am quick to correct it. Don’t ever call me Keisha.
  21. My mom used to Want to open a shop and came up with the name Donia.
  22. I used to want my middle name, Donia, to be my first name.
  23. My middle name was supposed to be my first name.
  24. My best friend from High school calls me by my middle name.
  25. I’d like to write a book one day or be featured in one.
  26. when I was younger I didn’t think I was beautiful until my uncle told me I could be a model.
  27. over the summer I’ll be practicing my make up so I can beat the hell outta my face. I’d also like to learn to style my own hair to look fly err day.
  28. my mom used to try to teach me how to sew. I hated it. and now thirty years later, I’d like to learn. I’m very inspired by Anita By Design.
  29. after children, the only thing I’d get done to my body is a breast lift – lol!!!
  30. One day I’d like to open up my own brick and mortar – design studio.

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