How to find an accountability partner

(How to find one)
Values must align

recgnize the difference between each person

there are levels – be sure they are 1-2 above you 
Who do I know that I can talk to about these goals and new ideas that I have – that is already in my network. 

What goes down in an accountability meeting: 

A meeting is conducted like this:

Mutually beneficial ( a mentor is one way, be ready to compensate financially)

begin with the last meetings minuets 

it has to be regular (daily, approximately an hour).

it has to be scheduled

it has to be structured 

be sure to take physical notes

be friendly and be human

don’t waste time

what are you struggling with right now

what are you working on by the next time we talk

write down commitments (vise versa)
know that Its something that I owe my ap 

reset if commitments aren’t met

think: what will I do next time. 

be realistic with the goals.
have 10 days on the log or we are done. (mentor-ship style)

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