I walked through the door and the first thing I noticed was a phone on the couch. It wasn’t an iPhone, so I knew it wasn’t my sisters. My mom hardly spends time in the living room and her phone was much smaller. So who was here? Or did someone forget their phone?

I touched the screen to take a look, and check if there were any missed calls or a recognizable photo. None.

I walked into the kitchen and saw my mom sitting on the recliner chair and the nurses aid that was usually at the house for the morning shift.

Whats going on?

stroke, I had a stroke. I just looked at my mom in disbelief. Why was she still home, why didn’t she go to the hospital? Why is she smiling? Her speech, it’s slurred,

what is going

is going




The aid took it back for me and walked me through the story again, she was at church, about to read a verse, and noticed her tongue was heavy. she couldn’t speak. then she called her job, to tell them she couldn’t come in. and she came home – wait did she drive? I missed that detail – and she laid down. But she’s fine.

After relentlessly trying to tell my mom to go to the hospital, I picked up the phone and began to call my relatives.

Then my brother called. Then he came over.

And it was Around this time last night, My brother came over to take my mom to the hospital. Just a few hours before that I was coming home from work feeling great that I had spent a few extra hours to extend my learning of building using corrugated boards for displays.

only for everything to get turned upside down.

My boyfriend came over and stayed with me until about midnight. Then I decided to go to bed.

I eventually fell asleep. And immediately when I woke up I texted my brother for an update. She was admitted.

The worst part was being in the hospital to visit someone is feeling helpless for the person you are visiting. I knew what was going through her mind. Knowing that there is no one home for granny. Will the aides know to blend the spinach for her lunch? Do they know which meds to give?

Her wound needs to be changed. Granny needs to be rotated.

It was all so much to think about. and just sit there. not knowing what or how I could be of help.

I wanted to cry because I was thinking of the worse case scenario. but crying wouldn’t solve a thing.

so I sat, and prayed, and waited.

My mom says she’s ok. She was discharged about 6 pm and she’s now home. She has to take the week off from work. But from all this, I’ve learned medial coverage is nothing if someone still has to worry about the bills that will come to their homes after they’ve been serviced. That was all my mom could think about. its why she didn’t go to the hospital after what happened.

Oh, and we found out it wasn’t a stroke. She had a sinus infection and there’s a mass in her brain. They suggested it be monitored and assured us “its nothing”.

And as I am shutting down my mom just told me her headache has returned.

Let us pray.


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