home made packaging

I came across this page, heres the english translation below to follow the directions. Disclaimer: i used google translate so everything may not be translated correctly! 

Since it seemed very interesting to do the eraser stamped (find the list of materials needed here), I thought it would be appropriate to try to use them in a practical and useful, so I made a Gift packaging from recycled paper and what I found to reach the workshop Vixyblu”.

The result:

In two steps, and three movementsas well as package implementationwecontinue to present the materials needed and how I made it.

Arecycled envelope;
Fourpaper drill;
Fivescissors model;
6. paper notes without adhesive;
Julyglue for paper;
Augustcolored ribbon;
Septemberornamental flower timber;
10. Handmade stamp;
11. pad.

ACut the top of the envelope so that the bottom left to be enough room to fit comfortably as gift.

TwoYou can unleash your imagination using handmade stampilutele.

ThreeCut patterned paper notes with scissors and paste in the center and fourcorners over the edges glued wood trim.

Four. Fold the top of the envelope and drill from place to place to use the ribbonto close itthen paste paper flower on the bentwhen you open the envelopewill not be the case to break.

Certainly can develop this idea for any type of envelope or recycled bag withhandmade stamped as diverse and as colorful.

If I managed to do little appetite for handmade packaging machines will want to have growth!

home made packaging

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