HIIT 101

Today I was scheduled for a trial class for CrossFit combined with HIIT. The first class started at 7:00 am. Needless to say, I was out late and overslept until 8 am. I got up and got dressed in my workout clothes, and then started to feed a negative loop of self-talk.

But then I thought about a question someone recently posed to me and I realized I was operating out of fear. I kept thinking, ” I’ll be the only beginner, I’ll be sore for days, they’ll yell at me to finish the workout.

And then I got called in to do some changes for a bank account.

By this time it was already 9:00 am. I kept pushing the time back. But I also remember that I posted in a group to report that I would share my experience. I also had a friend telling me they would follow up with me.

I figured worse case scenario, I’d be out of breath and in a lot of pain.

But we went through the moves, and they were familiar. I introduced myself as my brothers’ sister (my brother also goes to this place) and the coaches were very friendly.

I arrived for the 11 am class and we got to work. Half way through the exercises a few things dawned on me:

  • I learned that you are only in competition with yourself – mentally, physically and emotionally.
  • It’s ok to be new at this thing and learning by doing is the fastest way to growth.
  • I felt amazing after the workout knowing that I completed everything.

If there’s anything you can take with you from this post: Be kind to yourself and treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.

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