Help My Unbelief

Perhaps doubting is a good thing. It forces you to think critically and analyze why you believe what you believe – at least that’s what happened to me while on the phone discussing a few things with my boyfriend today.

We talked about my missions trip that’s coming up, and how I wasn’t sure how to feel about it, how some of the research I’ve found has been a bit discouraging, and how I am experiencing doubt – that my faith has been feeling a bit challenged.

He expressed that it’s a good thing.

Often in life, we feel that we ought to know everything. Where we will get to school when we graduate high school, where we will work when we graduate college, the type of life that we want to live. I believe it’s great to know where you’d like to go, it’s not set in stone – and that’s the challenging part. Knowing that life circumstances can completely change the outcome of some of the goals we set in place.

I now know that doubt isn’t necessarily a bad thing – as we can see examples in the bible that show others have shown doubt. I skimmed through this article and could relate to the skeptic.

I’ve found myself asking questions like:

  • why do bad things happen to good people
  • why aren’t my prayers being answered
  • how do I know if God Hears me
  • what’s the point of struggle

But I also don’t expect an answer. I find it difficult in the Christian faith that it often comes off as a tit-for-tat. I do this in order to get that – I know this is not the case, but so many books make it seem that way.

  • ” your prayers aren’t being answered because you lack faith”

The one thing I am expecting from this trip is to fully know what it means to experience gratitude.  


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