Half Assed Work

Half-assed work. Is it better to not be done at all or is it better that you have a starting point somewhere to improve and learn from?

The days are fast approaching to my missions trip, I am looking forward to having stories to share. Stories about my experience and stories of the people I meet there.

So that means I won’t have immediate access to internet and wifi for a good two weeks.

TWO WEEKS! First world problems yeah?

I’ve debated writing in advance and sharing posts over the next two weeks but I don’t want it to be shitty and half-assed- Like the post I did yesterday.

I’ve managed to show up for 298 days as of today. I would hate to break my streak. But breaking my streak would mean that I don’t publish. I do have a journal I am using to write about my missions trip.

Last night I met up with a few friends to celebrate my girls birthday. And we talked about her experience. She told me that she came back grateful for everything she has.

“You come back a changed person”, she said.

If there is one thing I am looking for its clarity.

I’ve wondered far too long to know and understand why I’d be given a desire to design and impact people’s lives to not do anything worthwhile with it.

So If you come to this blog after Friday, and you see no posts – just know I am writing analog, daily- while on my missions trip.

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