What does it mean to grow? What does it look like? How do we know when we are in the process of growth?

This thought came into passing when I was having a discussion with him and he mentioned it briefly and I’ve been wondering about what it means to grow. 

I remember when I was ina missions trip in Florida with the impact movement, we went to specific locations and helped to spread the gospel. One girl in particular left with a new meaning of growing pains. 

There must be some truth to this right? I mean let’s think about this: as a baby we cry for everything but we can’t really recall what it felt like to grow we Are aware that growing in new teeth hurt but we don’t remember the pain that accompanies it growing up. Not sure if the growth in our bones hurt but there’s gotta be something there too. 

While I don’t believe that growth equates pain, I do believe it requires some amount of discomfort and change or adaptation. It may also be met with some resistance. 

As o continue to grow into adult hood there are many adjustments and points of discomfort I face. I just need to remember growing pains are an indicator of growth. 

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