I was listening to a podcast earlier today while at my 8 to 5 and it talked about Kickstarter and the emotional aspect of crowd sourcing. It resonated a bit as I continue the process with my fundraising for my upcoming missions trip.

I decided to pair my funding with a reward for those that gave above $100 – an incentive if you will – to encourage more people to give in hopes of receiving something.

The podcast briefly touched on the emotional roller coaster ride that ensues with hitting launch and waiting for the response of the public.

it seems that one would never really know just how terrifying it is unless they’ve experienced it for themselves.

Currently, I am at an emotional state of just wanting my campaign to be over. I am grateful to all that have contributed, yet there is still a feeling of angst as I continue to wait for the final results to trickle in.

I’ve told myself that I will give and support other organizations that I believe in because raising funds is much more difficult when you don’t have a defined tribe and audience to appeal to.

If you are curious to know which podcast I was listening to it was the great discontent episode 6. I am hoping to go see a live viewing of the show this month.

Currently, I am at $1000.00 from a goal of $3500.00.

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