Getting my "home" in order 

I just finished reading an amazing book about cleaning! 

Last night I simply couldn’t sleep and the dreams I was having weren’t pleasant. I’d heard of the book several times and never really made the effort to look into it – until today.  I listened to the audio book and made my own little checklist and set a date to begin my tidying of my “home”. You see my home in this case is my room. Which is more of a corner. 

I found myself nodding my head up and down – agreeing with much of what the author was saying. And before I can begin cleaning I have to figure out what I am looking for. I’m sleeping on this thought tonight but I am very much eager to start the cleaning process. 

If any other Haitian woman/person can relate you know how it goes any time you mention the idea of getting rid of something you are met with, “so and so in Haiti can use this.” 

It’s quite frustrating that the things you attempt to rid of only get repurposed in hopes to have a new home (preferably out of site). 

As I sleep on this I’ll be figuring out what my goal is in this process of decluttering!

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