Genuine Interest

There’s an art to having a really great conversation.

I believe it starts with genuine interest and curiosity in people.

When it comes to small talk, it’s difficult for me to engage in it because it often feels forced, surface level, and happens to fill time in awkward moments surrounded by people you don’t know.

This new generation has become glued to our phones, fearful of talking to people in person, and entirely impatient for important happenings to develop in life.

The genuine interest in people can be sensed and it pulls people to want to talk more about themselves as an exchange and not in a form of bragging.

During my accountability meeting today we discussed a few tactics we’ve been trying to gain freelance clients. I realize that the best clients will come from having genuine conversations – and yes business cards are still a thing in this digital world.

I’ve been engaging in conversation and forcing myself to get out there in front of people. It’s certainly stretching me and growing my thinking.

What ways have you engaged in genuine conversations beyond surface level talk of the weather?

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