Frustrated? Ask Yourself These Questions (Day 29)

The feeling of frustration doesn’t do anything other than let you know that there’s an obstacle in front of you. Now that you know you are frustrated what are you going to do to solve it? I’ve been feeling frustrated with a few things when it comes to design, work and my personal life and well now it’s time to make a plan.

By acknowledging my feelings of frustration I can now move forward with what to do next. But first I went on a deep dive to understand why I was feeling frustrated asking myself a series of questions – perhaps this can help you. Here are the questions that were rolling though my head:

What’s causing my feeling of frustration? 

At the time I was frustrated with doing the same task over and over again. While design uses the same process (more on that in another post), typically different results arise and you are solving a different problem each time.

Ask yourself: Is it really that bad? 

No, my problem wasn’t that bad. I was just mulling over it way too much.

Can you think of another way to solve the problem thats bothering you?

Instead, I worked on another project which helped me take my mind off my issues. I also went and asked for help. Learn to present solutions and not more problems.

Are you thinking too much about yourself? 

My boyfriend has a quote (paraphrasing here) but its along the lines of think of yourself, less. Sometimes we are so caught up with our own issues that we don’t even give our minds space to come up with a solution. Talk to someone else and you’ll realize you’re giving your problems too much attention. Recognize that this life ain’t all about you! And that someone else has it harder than you.

My last suggestion – go for a walk, you’ll get to clear your head of all the self sabotaging talk and patronizing you’ve been doing over the last hour.


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