Fears and stuff 

Yesterday my business coach did a walk through with me about my fears. 

In return it helped me with anxiety. 

I never knew how much anxiety I was having around this one thing. I realize I was giving it way too much energy. 

My coach did a walk through with me of what would happen- step by step- and it was something I’d experienced before myself. Getting fired. I realize I was putting my self worth into my work. I am more than what I do to earn a paycheck. Granted it’s more than a paycheck it’s how I make my lively hood at the moment, but often times when we introduce ourselves to someone we talk about what we do and where we are from. Outside of those things who are we? 

When I got fired or let go from my job a few years ago it was due to the fact that the position was temp to hire. I had left my steady job to take a temp to perm job that I was hoping for the best outcome. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way. I was laid off and unemployed for nearly four months. My bills we backed up and I felt miserable. I was desperate and was willing to take any job that offering me to work. 

It’s not until later that I am beginning to realize that our fears tell s so much of ourselves. I have other fears aside from getting fired but this is one that sticks out. 

The walk through was imagining everything I’d do in a scenario like that. I can’t take it for granted because I woke up so peaceful the next morning. 

So, what are your fears? What can you learn about them your fears/yourself? 

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