Can you do this, yes, 

Can you do that, yes. 

Can you  – honestly I want to please everyone. So much so, I’ve over loaded my schedule. 

It sucks. I’ve brought the sense of anxiety upon myself because I refuse to say no. And by doing this I’ve also caused frustration to other people working with me. 

I want to serve and provide the best quality of service yet I find myself falling short. 

I’m learning I should forgive myself and take full responsibility. I should also give myself a breather. 

I find it hard to rely on other people to carry out tasks that I give them because I have high standards. I don’t believe in mediocrity work. Yet, I’m not perfect. 

These are random thoughts as I lay here today. 

Do better, forgive thy self, and move on. Dwelling on it won’t make it better. 

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