Expecting Too Much

I was expecting way too much from my job Employers makes clear list of the duties you are responsible for. And if it includes a bit more beyond what’s listed it’ll often say “etc”. 
I’ve talked to many people that seem content and happy with their lives and I just couldn’t understand why. 
Until it dawned on me – I’m expecting too much from my job. I believe many people are looking for fulfillment and joy and peace – to understand their purpose and to walk in it. As someone who loves design and the variety it offers I found myself discontent with my day job. I didn’t like the day to day tasks as a package designer and engineer and I tried to understand where the frustrations were stemming from. 
Perhaps I’m expecting too much? 
Some people are lucky to have their dream jobs, their careers to move up in, their vocation – something they are readily available to dedicate their lives to. I don’t think I’ve found that just yet but I’m Coming to an understanding that design is a means to and end. My end goal is to provide exceptional service to people through design. 
Just like we can’t be everything to one person, a job can’t bring ultimate fulfillment to my creative aspirations. 
It’s probably the worst way to expect such fulfillment considering things like health, travel, family – and I am well aware that there are a few companies that take very good care of their employees through benefits bonuses and their company culture. 
I thought back to my happiest moments. It was when I was working two jobs, volunteering with a local business development center and building the foundations of donia studio. 
Through all that I still managed to serve my church, and attend important events, get my fitness goals in and spend time with loved ones. 
We all seek balance. 
In a world full of chaos we are typically looking for balance. Some people find it and many people don’t. 
I decided I needed to do something bigger than myself. I’d been seeking answers for the longest time. I was in the middle of planning a trip to Haiti for December of this year. It’d be a group of 10-15 people to go and explore Haiti. Originally I didn’t want to be exposed of the poverty and struggle- I wanted a better memory to go home with. Yet somewhere along the lines I realized – How selfish of me. This is the mother land of where my mom, granny and great grandmother comes from. Why should I run from it? 
Knowing all the spaces were filled I decided to track down an application and put it in anyway. I was extended an invitation to one of the meetings where I learned of the needs to be met. 
About a month later someone else decided they were not ready to go. They gave up their seat and it was given to me. I know how important service is and the ultimate challenge is to do that in extremely uncomfortable standards. 
I think this is the answer I’ve been searching for.

I’m running a go fund me campaign, raising funds for this upcoming missions trip. It’s been a struggle to consistently put myself out there. I’ve paired the campaign with my design services as a way to give something back to those that contribute. 
The process has been long, and is teaching me quite a bit. As I write this I am at $950.00. I’ve found that some of the closest people in my circle don’t give. And that has been the discouraging part. However, it’s also given me insight to contribute to those charities I believe in. It’s shown me first hand the difficulty in raising funds. 
Here’s the link to make a contribution

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