“I might be there.” Such uncertainty when you hear that someone might show up. 

This was sssoooo much easier last year and a few things have changed. Life gets in the way and we have to adjust. With it still being January and goal setting has been in place let’s revisit an old article o wrote to myself about showing up everyday: 

Showing up everyday is a challenge, especially when you are trying to build something larger than yourself. I’ve been using the overlap technique – working a day job and practicing hand lettering in the evenings – in hopes that some day I can run my own design studio. The day job pays my bills and what ever I have extra I put towards savings or I invest in my tools, building my blog, and website. Basically, boot strapping to build the business. 
One thing I’ve committed to doing is my morning devotions. Every morning between 6:15 am – 6:30 I call two of my girl friends and we read and pray in the morning. It It didn’t always start with me making the first call – but somewhere it switched. I became the person to call first thing in the mornings, and I continue to upkeep the first call – because my friends are depending on me. 

However it is so difficult for me to stay committed to exercising and eating healthy foods. At my day job we order out anywhere from two to three times a week. I keep telling myself that I want to be an example for my sister and mother, that when they see my healthy results they’ll start to make the changes. While I did well for seven months, this past month has been difficult to even step foot back into the gym. I don’t feel motivated and I’ve lost the momentum that I had when I first started.  

However, commitment is hard – and even more so when you choose to do it in public. I often wonder what would it look like to fully commit – to everything I put myself to. To give 110% and to go all in?

We are afraid of commitment because we think,

“I may be missing out on something else thats happening.

I’m too tired or I don’t feel like it.

Something else may come up.

What If I don’t have anything to say?”

People believe that those who show up consistently have some sort of magic power or inherent ability. “It must come easy for him, they say. “For others Like me it’s hard”.

Here’s a reality check: it’s not easy for anyone—even the people that make it look easy – to show up everyday. In fact, if someone is making it look easy, they’re probably working harder.

Why is it so hard to commit? 

We spend too much time thinking about it rather than just taking the action. It has to become something you do. Remove the option of choice. 

Every morning you wake up you brush your teeth, shower, and eat – these are not choices they are a matter of survival and there is no option as to if you will do it. 

You have to eliminate the power of choice. 

Here’s how to strengthen the power of commitment. There are three parts – and if you are wondering why? A cord of three strands is not easily broken – Ecclesiastes 4:12

1. Partner Accountability. Your word is bond. This is arguably the strongest form of accountability. This is a great way of keeping yourself on track. Here’s an example; If my friend needs a ride and they tell me to be at their house at 5:00am I know that they should expect me at 4:45am. I want them to know that I am reliable and they can depend on me. There is an incentive to show up because I don’t want to disappoint my friend. No good friend would leave you hanging out in the cold at 5:00am.

2. Public Accountability – I’ve made a public commitment to have a post to the blog every Wednesday. The one post in July 2015 that I missed was because I didn’t prepare in advance. I have since gotten back on track, and rearranged my priorities. My reputation is on the line, so if It happens again I am sure someone will call me out. 

3. Personal Accountability – Though we are willing to please other people, it is easy to willingly disappoint ourselves. We need to learn to take better care of ourselves. How can we do what’s best for others if we are not in the best shape for ourselves? Its important to hold ourselves to a higher regard and to simply show ourselves some respect. 

Be sure to implement all three forms. 

Last week I decided to commit to lettering one piece each day on instagram. I want to increase my following and I want to build my hand lettering skills. As for my health and fitness goals, I am recommitting to bettering my health. I’ve already began posting my food to myfitnesspal and I decided to go to the gym after finishing this post. You can check myfitnesspal to see if I actually completed my activity. I’ve decided to make eating healthier a thing that I do. I’ve decided to incorporate it into my lifestyle.  

What are you committing to? Hit reply to share with me. 

Edit: I need to stop adding things to my plate and complete one task fully. 

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