Enjoying the current path

I feel so full. So much gratitude. So much grace. There’s been quite a few people that have poured into me over the last few years to help me on the path and journey that I am currently on.

It first started with a friend from college, Candice, tagging me in periscope videos being done by LaTisha Styles. She was talking about her 30 days to gain more clients, and I learned about her then actionista community on face book. We exchanged calls, emails, and such and I think I observed her on line and delved into her emails for some time.

LaTisha was the first black woman I saw talking about living as an entrepreneur full-time. We would eventually cross paths and meet in person as I traveled to Memphis for a wedding and getting to meet her in person.

Back then I was so afraid of my co-workers finding out what I was trying to do that I hid my real name on social media. I now go by my first and middle name, hence the title of the blog site, Keshna Donia.

I worked with LaTisha for some time and all the while the biggest thing I lacked was self confidence in the work I knew I was born to do.

In 2018, I thought it was over. I was ready to throw in the towel. After investing so much time and money into the online courses, and constantly seeing my email list go up and down, and hardly making sales in digital work – which is what I was after, I was ready to just call it quits.

I decided to work with a career coach, to help me gain the confidence to step back out and start applying for jobs – and I invested once more with LaTisha in a different type of program. I vowed to myself it would be the last program for 2018. This program was focused on mind set.

We did the work in September 2018, which eventually led me to say yes to another opportunity to work with yet another business coach – Amber, and her tribe in the make your worth community. Remember, I just said I had vowed to myself no more investments- yea that didn’t last long.

Since joining open to receive, and MYWM I’ve been able to run ideas in the groups and masterminds I am in, get feed back, and strategy on what to change and pivot. In the MYWM group, I had to go back to the basics and get my finances set up right before delving into the creating side. I had to learn just how much I was spending each month verses how much I was keeping. I had to get clear on what my big goal was and learn to create smaller goals to get started on my own. I learned I was running an expensive hobby. Who wants that? My goal is to be both self employed and a business owner.

I realized my biggest issue was searching for a title to fit into, and not having a single focus to bring consistent income. So far, the private parties have been working in my favor.

Pictured above is a collaborative event where a studio space I rented, collaborated with me to do candle making and paint party experience.

My next step and goal is to use the funds to put on a solo show. I’m not sure how that solo show will be defined as successful just yet but I know I want to be able to have outfit changes, and my mom make the clothing.

In the near future, I’d like to be able to take a year off and help my mom establish her business and get consistent clients.

This is all from here to there. I am so thankful for this journey that I am on. And it’s not all up hill. There are low moments too. Like when you publish and event and there are no sales. Or you publish a product and no one purchases – or you didn’t do your research so you can’t get the product sales!!!

Want to help rectify that? You can purchase the art of home workbook here. But when you create a product that doesn’t sell,

You end up feeling like crap. Especially as an artist. We pour so much of ourselves into our work. But our work does not define who we are.

Yet, things are getting better.

No more sulking for extended periods of time, no more wondering what if. The momentum has started. The snowball is growing, and I can finally see a path being cleared out. Hello Donia Studio!

Yes to collaborations, yes to digital products, yes to physical products, yes to brand collaborations, yes to debt freedom. Yes to building an empire for my future family. Yes to travel and inspiration from around the world. Yes to giving glory and praise to the most high. I leave you with this quote that was shared with me:

“The better it gets, the better it gets.”

“The more money you make, the more money you make.”


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