End of Week One

This experience so far is one that you can’t anticipate about. You really don’t know what to expect and so far its been great. On the first day, we all got together – staff and interns- and had a BBQ, sat down and got to know one another, school, work experience etc. In the morning upon arriving to the office, we start out with prayer and devotional. YUP, PRAYER AND DEVOTIONAL!! I know at school if I am working at the desk I would sometimes read my bible, but there’s nothing like being able to sit down with others and being able to discuss what you are reading and then take time to reflect. We take the time to do this before doing anything else! We also took a Myers Briggs test to understand everyone’s personality type. Now this isn’t to say that everyone fits specifically into one category or that you are placed into a box, its just to understand peoples work habits and how they process information.

On Thursday, we talked about the Spirit Filled Life (devotional) and took time to reflect. We took a walk for about ten minuets and just talked to Jesus and reflected on what we had just read. After this, we went out to share our faith on the campus of UCF – that’s University of Central Florida. We all paired off into groups of two. My partner and I were able to speak with three different people. Each proclaimed that they had already accepted Christ in their lives. We got back together later in the afternoon to reflect about how it felt sharing the Gospel with others. For some it was their first time, for others they were excited and ready, and even more, some felt out of practice. We were encouraged to be sure that those who say that they are believers are satisfied, but even then, that they would also continue to share the Gospel and their faith with others.

Friday we were assigned our duties in terms of design and preparation for promotional material for IMPACT 2010. I am excited to see what the outcome will be…

Peace and Blessings… Keshna

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