Today I had a conversation with my sister. She’s interested in becoming a makeup and hair artist. I think she’s pretty good. 

Growing up she was bullied – I was too!!! I think just about every child experiences that at some point. 

My sister wants to start a YouTube channel but so many people talk negatively and have so much judgement. Especially the comment section. 

As I began to embrace who I am and love myself, I realize everyone’s opinion doesn’t matter. You have to take it with a grain of salt. 

The only way to be seen an expert is to practice your craft and get really good at the refinement of it. I don’t think my sister had enough positive encouragement growing up. 

For some reason we tend to focus on the things that need improvement so heavily and we forget to celebrate the things we’ve done well. I do believe that criticism has its place. 

To all the beginners out there in their craft, do what you do. Do it well and share your process as you go along. You’ll see the improvement when you look back. 


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