Embracing the Journey 

I never understood what people meant when they would say stuff like that. It seemed so…. fake. 

The journey tends to be filled with much struggle. However without struggle the is no growth. 

I think about what it’s like traveling from one place to another. Typically it’s filled with several steps (or obstacles) along the way. 

Example getting to San Juan involved a few people. I had to ask my relative to take me to the air port. We had to ensure Traffic to the air port wasn’t bad, so we give ample time – two hours minimum. Get to airport and stand on line, after line, after line. The prices for food is off the chain and the seats in economy have you cramping. One of my favorite things amidst enroute to my destination is to Be near the window despite my fears of heights. Amidst all the chaos there is always a glimpse of beauty. 

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