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The Days Events

Would you believe that my day started at 4:36 am on a Saturday Morning? I often tell people that I am a light sleeper. I woke up due to a text message that came through – a bit odd considering my phone normally goes to sleep after a certain time. Someone reached out and let me know they sent a donation. (YAY)

The incoming ping woke me up and the thought to go run crossed my mind.

These past few weeks I’d been a bit frustrated at work – and it was showing on my face. I suck at having a poker face. I’m convinced if I’m not smiling I suffer from RBF.

Anyway, we talked a bit and then I decided I might as well run. My friends and family had been challenging me to the Fitbit weekend warrior challenge and I am up for it this time around.

After my run, I went and got ready for a mini video testimonial so I decided to do my makeup. I didn’t have the proper contouring tools and used a brow pencil to help shape

my before sent to my sister for advice on how to do the contour sans contour stick.
Duck face …




My results! If you see me in person today, you’ll see a bit more lines from the pencil… which lead me to the mall.

I went and found some basics from E.L.F.

Now I must admit, I’m a sucker for great packaging and sometimes I splurge – just because of the packaging. I know… bad habit.

I purchased some eyeshadow, contour palette, and some oil buff sheets – they were too cute to push past.

If you know how to get away from the oily skin holla at a Sistah! 

Here’s what I purchased:

I tested out the eyeshadows, they are very creamy and highly pigmented. I can’t wait to give them a try! I like ELF because they are budget friendly. I even saw someone getting a full face done with the products in store for an event.

I also love the little bags they give you!

What products do you use for makeup and how do you prevent oily skin? 

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