Early Wake Daily Write (day 3)

 Write about how much you hate waking up early.

It feels like a never ending rat race.  But Hmmm. I don’t know that I hate waking up early. I’ve always been an early bird. In elementary school the crossing guard used to call me early bird. However, it’s become difficult to maintain as I now have much more on my plate. 
We call our day jobs a 9-5 but it’s not just a 9-5. For me it’s 8-5 and I have to be up earlier to make it to work on time. I’ve toyed around with the scheduling but now the traffic build up is just disgusting – not to mention it’s gotten worse with back to school and construction. 

The plan is to get to bed earlier. Simple right? Well not really. Everyone’s circumstance is different. If I can be in bed by 9pm and well on my way to fall asleep then great! It’s a success. However the way my life is set up right now… I still live at home with my mom and I don’t have my own room. It’s very difficult to get to sleep when kitchen utensils are banging, clanging and what not. You see my mom takes care of her mom- my grandma. She has Alzheimer’s disease. I’ve tried ear plugs and they don’t work. If I do happen to fall and sleep someone i.e. A neighbor that lives above me feels compelled to blast their radio until two am – regardless if it’s a weekend or a week day.  

A simple solution – move out. Nope. Did I mention I’m Haitian? You just don’t do that in a Haitian culture. Unless you are “of age” – oh and by the way- they never tell you when you are of age. Right now I just try to deal with it. 

Write about the benefits you’ve seen from waking up early. 

Oh this is endless. 

It’s so quiet early in the mornings. When I was on a successful early wake daily write, I’d work out, have breakfast, draw, write – I had a well worth amount of things accomplished before I made it to work. The best thing- no interruptions. I get countless interruptions when I get home from work. Mom, friends, Facebook, and many other pings, dings, and etc.  I think I’m at a point where I’ve over extended myself. So I’ve constantly been resetting and trying to recoup. 

When I was in college I used to have to be at work at 4:45 am – I mean clocked in and ready to work. If anything that was the best training and discipline ever to getting up early. Getting up early is not an issue for me. Getting to bed on time is my issue. I know a few distractions I can have control over – i.e. Social media. Just unplug after a specific time. 

I’m working on an hour by hour schedule to get a better grip on my time. I simply wish my job wasn’t so far – which it really isn’t. I wish there wasn’t such bad traffic. I guess I shall see what’s best fitting for my crazy schedule. 

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