Designing Your Life: Five Years From Now

Will it mater? Will what you created, what you’ve invested your time in – will it matter?

I had a really great conversation with a good friend of mine and it made me realize we have so much more in common than I’d first remembered.

We both studied the same major in college and fell in love with the possibilities with product design. You could literally change someone’s life around, yet on the contrary there are companies that are focused on designing for the bottom line – the short term, people interested in making a quick buck.

I believe in servicing people, helping make their lives better I know design can help in doing that.

It got me thinking once again to the book – is what I am doing right now contributing or hindering the choices in my near future.

We spoke about the new study she in and how our design skills applied within that – the parallels of the design thinking process.

It got me thinking, does the job/career I am doing today align with where I want to be five years from now? I still have to ponder this….

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