Design Thinking and Researching for Validation 

The more I dive into this topic the more I realize there’s so much to learn! 

I decided to interview another person for the openIDEO longevity challenge and to my surprise there are a few things that just might be over looked when you find people that are for the service or product you are looking to create. 

It’s call it confirmation bias, or a blind spot but this was eye opening. 

The second person I interviewed is interested found the idea compelling but countered with a question of, “is that really the mindset people have when they are headed into retirement age?” So the idea is to have an incubator where adults can go an learn additional business skills by paying a small dues. They would have access to people, resources and a new network. Sounds great and I thought it was exciting yet after talking to someone else they thought of the mortgage that needs to be paid off, the last child going to college, and the want to travel and explore. 

He asked me, Would someone my age have the endurance needed to run a business? 

I thought of what exactly would you want to focus on if the credit unions could be of service to you. His endeavor was to continue with a nonprofit missionary. Have helping hands. He’d rather have people touched and moved by what they are doing – missionary work- and want to get involved that way. 

In more ways than one, the need for empathy continues to resurface itself. 


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