Design Thinking and Listening Skills

Collaboration takes design thinking to a whole new level. You get ideas and inspiration to build onto existing ideas. 

This week in our openIDEO challenge, we were able to collaborate with an existing idea and it made me realize this: you need impeccable listening skills as well as interpreting skills. You have to know what questions to ask to get the answers you need to help serve the person you are aiming to serve in the best way possible. Did I lose you there? 

Often times we interrupt people as they are speaking and we are listening in order to respond. I know I am guilty of this. 

As I scrolled through twitter to help me write in a topic today I came across this post. It made me think of how I was speaking wth someone earlier today. Did I serve them well? Did I truely listen to thier story? The article I read gave pointers and reminders on how to be a good listener. 

Check it out here

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