Days 6 – 7 of Inktober

I’ve finally gotten my videos to upload to YouTube. I found out that the sound/music I added wasn’t working with the mobile software. I’m assuming there’s a glitch somewhere. Tonight I get to go home and sketch day 8. While I alluded to sketching a super star in my recorded intro, I’m thinking of sketching literally the stars. How magnificent they are as they glimmer in the sky’s.

Pictures above day 7

I’m a part of a large Facebook group and it simply seems that there are many people complaining about what they don’t like. And how some pictures are able to go viral while others get no love and attention. There’s no saying if people are actually doing these prompts as each day comes. I for one did not plan in advance and I’m posting each day after each drawing I’ve completed.

Pictured above day 6

There are a few things that are overlapping as I continue this journey. Stay tuned because I’ll be sharing all about that in a future post

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