Customer Service Experience: Electronics

Customer service is at the forefront of so many businesses.

Funny enough I read an article the other day about an experience a customer had with their insurance company. People have seem to forgotten that people matter. They are the ones that drive your sales and grow your income – both in the customer service and the customers experience.

Today I went to Best Buy to go and purchase a back up hard drive for my Mac Book. I knew what brand I was searching for but no one was around to help me find it. I looked around and saw two of the same – yet different hard drives. I waited twenty min and no one came by to help. The people that did work there didn’t know a thing about hard drives.

I decided to help myself. I logged into one of the Best Buy Mac stations and started to google the differences presented before me. When someone saw what I was doing, they decided to approach me to ask if I needed help. This was the same guy that told me he would go get someone.

By the time I headed to the register the I had in my mind how much I was going to be spending. approximately $150 – maybe a bit more after taxes. I get up to the register and its $210.00!! I explained where I found the hard drive and how much it was listed. At this point I was irritated.

I simply decided it would be best leaving that store.

I understand that Amazon has changed the game with instant deliveries and online shopping. Some people still like to leave their houses and interact with other humans. For some people working at a place like that is just a job. Make the experience one to remember and people will return.

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