Commit: Did you write and publish today?

The other day I read Nathan Barry’s article on why people shouldn’t start a blog, why they don’t have what it takes to stick it out, why it’s difficult to be a professional blogger. I agree 100% with what he says- don’t worry I’ll link it below. 

I met him in person earlier in the year and the advice he gives in the article is the same advice he gave to me. 

Write 10-15 posts and don’t publish it. Sleep on it, edit it, give it time to see if it’s something you really want to do. Basically build a buffer and be sure you’re able to make time to commit to the writing. 

Last night  I was losing sleep because I had too many thoughts rolling around in my head. So I figure I’d share a bit about it – it’s a little different from design thinking hope you forgive me for that. 

I logged into the commit app to see how many days I’ve written thus far and it doesn’t say 365 yet. And it’s not quite 100 days either. I kept wondering – why write? I don’t want to be known as a writer, or an author. I don’t want to write about design or how to become a designer either – I did write a few posts on how to draw and shifted when I realized that’s not what I wanted to share. 

Here’s something I do believe- people are inherently selfish. Yup I said it. I made a list of reasons as to why I write and it was all about me. 

Sure this platform is my blog and I’m sharing words with people but I’d really like to be helping others. Through sharing my story and experiences I’m hoping it can help other people in similar situations. 

So I currently live at home with my mom, sister and Grandmother. I work full time and graduated college in 2011. I’d love to go back for a masters degree but I can’t see myself forking over $100,000 for an additional two years of design school in a concentrated study. I work for a packaging display company and it doesn’t feel very creative. My mom travelled to the states from Haiti in hopes of a better life. I have an older brother and lots of aunts and uncles. I’m heavily involved in my church and today I was voted  as treasurer for the youth ministry. 

Currently I feel that I spend way too much time in my car! I am always driving somewhere. I’m grateful for having a car with no note but I’d like to be doing more of the things I enjoy, drawing, painting and traveling. There’s five minutes left so time to hit publish and work on building a buffer. If you read this I’d love to know what you’d like to know more about! 

Are you considering blogging? Read Nathan’s Article.

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