Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

When you compare yourself to someone else you really do rob yourself of joy. You instantly forget all the hard work and effort you put into what you’ve been working to achieve. You forget how far you’ve really come and how good you’ve really got it. The other day I found myself comparing my first public YouTube video to someone else’s video. I felt like I didn’t put much thought into it. I felt that I hadn’t planned enough with the background setup, editing, sound, – and yea you can forget about any equipment.

What I failed to realize in that moment of comparison is that I was trying to upload my video for nearly four hours. For some reason or another iMovies wouldn’t publish to YouTube. I intentionally didn’t wear any make up – I wanted to be my authentic self. I failed to realize that there are thousands of other people that are still thinking about what they want to do rather than take action on it. I forgot that amateurs eventually become experts if they just stick it out.

I find it so interesting the additional pressure I put on myself and how quickly I am willing to throw all of my efforts out of the window. It reminds me of why being a creative is so difficult. We are constantly self criticizing and critiquing in hopes to create something perfect, something better. Perfect is boring so I don’t know why we try to allude to it. Perhaps it’s in our nature to want to be perfect.

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  • shamma

    Wow! never thought of it like that. I truly havent gonna alot of idea or projects started or didnt follow through because they were never good enough through my eyes. It seems that this mindset has held me back in different aspects in my life.

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