Comparison is the thief of joy

Tonight I decided to go out and celebrate with friends and family for a night of sip and paint. 

There were many laughs, a few drinks and lots of comparison and it made me think: 

Comparison is the thief of Joy. A true cliche yet when painting in a studio your watching an instructor with months to years of experience working gracefully over a canvas. 

It makes no sense to compare your art work to someone who has been doing something for years. It’s one thing to have it as inspiration or motivation but to copy off ones work and feel less than isn’t worth it. 

I could hear people saying, I can’t, or mine doesn’t look like yours. When I was an instructor we’d help people by adjusting thier paintings but in hindsite it would be better to encourage someone to be confident in their creative endeavor and see thier paintings evolve. After all it’s the experience that matters more so than a drunken painted piece of art. 🤗😝 

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