Clearing My Head

Dang – no loyalty I see!

No views on the blog today! What?!!! It’s ok. That not the reason I’m writing anyway. Today while driving home I talked about the events that have been crowding my mind with my boyfriend.

Events, nuanced issues that shouldn’t matter, saying yes to non-important things, not allotting enough time for projects – basically not giving myself a breather.

The mind is so powerful and sometimes I forget it too needs rest.

I said yes to too many things in such a short period of time. I’m working on changing that. Seeing what still aligns with my goals and aspirations and seeing what doesn’t.

I started my IDEO U course almost three weeks ago now and I haven’t submitted my first lesson. :O I’m hoping to catch up with everything this weekend.

One last random note – its so important to find community. A place where you are free to express your pains, struggles, and connect with people that will help pull you through.

No one is perfect. Remember that.

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