It’s  free to dream big and set large goals. It’s difficult to get to clarity and set measurements for the goals we wish to accomplish. I’m revisiting my goals (and I made a list of it here). I am going to set clearer goals and set metrics of what success means for them.

I like to revisit what I’ve set out to do and I was thinking really big. We are now in the middle of January and I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Rather than throw away or ditch my goals I am looking to bite them off in smaller amounts.

  1. Writing
  2. Learning
  3. Health
  4. Financial
  5. Audience Building
  6. Teaching
  7. Travel

Goal: Writing 
Description: Improve my writing skills and narrowing down to a topic that is resourceful to other creatives. Have a sustainable buffer of an average of two weeks of articles ready to be published.
Metric: Using google analytics and tagging to see average daily reader and grow subscribed reader list. 

Goal: Learning
Description: Enroll and complete all IDEOU courses for design thinking
Metric: Have obtained  a certificate and engagement in every course. Document what I learn and share along the way.

Goal: Health
Description: Eat better food, gain better knowledge about food, and drop weight. Stay active in current facebook groups and check in with accountability partner. Continue to educate self through books, and outside research.
Metric: Drop 35lbs (and keep it off), inspire other family and friends to get better in their physical and mental health

Goal: Financial
Description: Increase income through personal/projects and with clients. Pay off additional student loan debt, increase savings. Additional income can be made through an ebook, course, webinars, products, podcasting, coaching, or design services
Metric: 10,000 in student loans paid off, 5,000 in side projects, 10,000 in savings

Goal: Audience Building
Description: Increase traffic on personal blog, donia studio and youtube page
Metric: Focus on one area, 1000 subscribers on each platform

Goal: Teaching
Description: Share everything I know in a compelling engaging manner
Metric: Know that at least one person was helped successfully and can vouch for it

Goal: Travel
Description: Travel to Haiti on a mini missions trip
Metric: Make it there and back and share the experience.

Goal: Personal (bonus) get engaged. If your my friend tag my boyfriend to read this. I’d like to be married by next year. 🙂 

I truly believe that 2017 is the year of focus for me. While I may not achieve all of the above, my ambition is poured into these goals and I shall approach it one at a time.



I got the idea to set metrics from my business coach, and the idea was reinforced after listening to Cal Newport audio book, Deep Work.


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