Choosing To Move Forward With Art As A Career

I have previously written a blog post about the starving artist mentality. I am not sure if it was on my business blog, on Tumblr, or where it might be right now on the innerwebs.

Lately, art as a career has been more and more on my mind. There are a few artists I look up to like Lauren Hom, Minnie Small,  Lina Iris Victor she was someone I stumbled upon, and has lead me to research other artists like Kerry James Marshall, Kara Walker, Chris Ofili, and Yves Klein.  There are a few illustrators that I have found through skill share that I enjoy too, Ohn Mar Win, Cat Coquillette, Leah Goren to name a few.

Lina Iris Victor says if you’re a struggling artist you are doing it wrong. It sparked interest and made me curious to know what she knows. She mentioned her job as an artist is to get the viewer to partake in self reflection, observation and to have them challenge their thinking.

I’ve found that many artists aren’t well versed in knowing what to say, or how to talk about their work. They simply want to do the work. Personally, I’ve found the most challenging parts of my art has been believing its worth while. Like I can paint a mean portrait. (Slang for a damn good portrait painting). Yet people will try to purchase something like this for less than $100 bucks. When was this ever ok? I’m on a mission to serve people through my art, through my illustration, through my lettering.

Join me in this journey.



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