Change of Perspective 

As I grit my teeth because it’s freezing cold out my mind wanders to the people that have to keep on moving in order to stay warm. The people that are homeless have no access to shelter and are ready to fight through the cold weather. I’ve always been interested in hearing the story of how someone ended up where they are. What do they do to survive? And is there a goal to move or start over – better yet is there any sense of hope left? What good is hope?

Funny as I look back at what I was writing earlier today. It was freezing outside and my mind was wandering in thought about people in poverty and how they survive in such crucial weather. 

Fast forward about nine hours and I’m about ready to pull my hair out due to a series of miscommunication within the work place. Now that I’ve had time to get out of my feelings of frustration and treat myself to a little self care I’m thinking how can communication be better within the workplace. 
I’m beginning to see the reasons as to why it’s so important to teach what you know as you learn it. That gap between what it’s like in a begging stage verses someone who’s sees themselves as an expert – they lack the empathy of what it’s like to feel like a beginner. They are too far removed to understand or remember the constant feeling of being confused, lost, overwhelmed and frustrated. Even more so they forget the little nuances in programs they no longer use due to a change in roles. 

As someone who enjoys learning and gaining knowledge I’m finding more reason to implement and experiment with what I’ve learned. For far too long I’ve enjoyed gaining knowledge and not doing something significant with it. 

Right now I’m learning about design thinking. One of the struggles I’m facing is gathering people interest in participating in the design challenges I’m involved in. I know for a fact that food beer and wine can easily bring people together. But to change it up into a design jam session would be an interesting one. 

As someone who lives in Jersey and the stigmas that come with it (rudeness a big one) I’m not sure how to get people involved and interested in what I’d like to experiment with. 

I know the best place to start is with family and friends and from there ask for references or referrals of who they think would be interested in some of these activities. 

I’ll be checking out search for coworking spaces in NJ and if course ask my friends and family. 

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