Traveling Across Seas

My mom traveled oceans and boarders in search for a better life. Not to say that life is bad in Haiti, it’s certainly different according to her. Here in the states there is more opportunity. 

More chances to learn, to advance and overall to create a better lively hood. 

I’m told people in Haiti tend to believe America has  gold. They’ve bought into the American dream. I’ve got relatives ready for credit cards believing that it’s free money. Clearly there is lack of education and understanding of some of the systems set in place. 

I’ve asked my mom if she’s wanted to go back and she often says no. It’s not a place that will be the same. Her family is here now, her life is here now. 

We no longer travel and pique our curiosity. 

I’m curious to see and experience the place my mom and grandmother come from. 

Would you help me get there? 

Support my gofundme by visiting here:

Understanding Storytelling and its relation to Funding 

I sat through a webinar today and learned how important it is to have a story ti go along side the fundraising process for a service trip. 

Storytelling is a huge part of our make up. We enjoy a great story and we share it and exaggerate the outcome at times. 

I was given a few resources to check out and was also told that the why plays a huge aspect to the reader. 

I’ll be looking into the resources and share my findings with you. And tomorrow I’ll expound more on the why. 

Scarcity Mindset

Scarcity mindset iften occurs when you don’t have enough recourses for your needs. It often makes you think short term rather than long term. 

And so today I was faced with some feelings of scarcity. My mind is racing thinking where am I going to get this additional money for this missions trip. 

It’s a very difficult thing to ask people to support you. There’s vulnerability, there’s rejection, there’s waiting. 

Yet I’m learning a lot in the process. Many people have charities or causes they believe in. And so I need to be willing to share more about why I am going on this missions trip. 

For the longest time I’ve been feeling frustrated with my day job. I make comp mock ups, and cut boxes – I often feel annoyed because I don’t see the correlation between this day job and how it helps better people’s lives. You see I studied industrial design thinking I’d be able to help improve other people’s lives. 

I believe design can change the world. But week after week and month after month upon graduating college I wasn’t landing any design jobs. I turned to what I knew best to help pay the bills. I went back into retail. I did that for about two years and became fed up with it. 

Through a connection I landed the current day job and I’ve been wanting to use this as a stepping stone to get to the next place.  But I’ve been feeling stuck. 

I’m hoping that going to Haiti will give me a pair of fresh eyes and inspiration. 

Originally I wanted to go work for IDEO but I am now open to work for IDEO.ORG. The work they are doing sounds a lot like what I’d like to be involved in.

When I was in college there was a speaker that came by – it was a non-profit company whose name I can’t recall at the moment. They had a quote saying, “design can change the world”. 

I still believe that today. 

It’s just been really difficult to capture this and put it into words, and into a story that other people would care about. 

Me in college some years ago. 

Progress on Fundraising 

$500 in one week. 

I think that’s fair. 

Let me start by saying I didn’t think it would be difficult. I know showing up everyday is important and I need to be consistent, but when I see how many people have viewed my video my mind starts to wonder. 

I wonder why many people don’t support local charities or even those that go abroad. I understand it everyone has the same beliefs. 

It’s definitely challenged and stretched my thinking when it comes to giving. As a thank you to those that have donated more than $100 I’ve decided to create custom paintings. I’ve been brainstorming other ways to raise support for my missions. I thought friends and family would give a bit sooner since it is after all their home place as well. It’s only been a week and so far I’ve raised $500.00 

My goal for this week was $100.00. I figure set my goals low and see what happens. 

This week I’ll be going live on Facebook and sharing a few paintings as well. 

If you’d like to donate and amount helps. Here the link 

Fundraising to Haiti 2017

Not everyone believes in giving funds and donations to go service others in different countries. Some people believe there is much work to do in the states. I did some searching online and read about a service trip someone went on. 
They talked about how America is better off because we have systems set in place to help people get back on their feet. 
I’ve also talked to a few people that have been to Haiti, I’ve heard good and bad and it seems that you have to have the right mindset to travel – not just to Haiti but anywhere. 
I decided to use my design skills to help me get to Haiti. If someone donates $100 or more I’ll make a custom painting or lettering piece. I’ll be using Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Snapchat to help promote. So far I’ve got three donations and I’ve already started my first painting. 
The next way to raise funding, I figure is to make products. And use a drop shipping service to make the physical products. 
Consider giving and read the full story on my go fund me page:

Thank you to those of you that have already supported me. It’s greatly appreciated. 

Lessons From WW Raw – PT 2

A few other things I picked up on while watching Monday’s smack down: 
A live crowd is always better. They turned the mics off the matts. Someone got kicked out for a beach ball. We did the wave in the bleachers, and the crowd was calling out for Derek Jeeter? 
It’s nice to know there is some form of sanitation that happens – they changed the Matt covers 

The same way you don’t run behind the curtains in a broadway show to see what happens behind the scenes the same thing applies here: Don’t ruin the magic of it all. The experience people came to enjoy. (Even though we know it’s – dare I say it…. entertainment. 

Would you have noticed? 

I almost went to bed without writing on the blog today. I am beyond exhausted and need rest so that I can wake up early and get back to exercising regularly. 

But I’m curious to know if my readers would have even noticed if I skipped a day. I would have known and would have been annoyed and disappointed – but no need to cheat myself I’m showing up! 

Mission funding update: My goal was to raise at least $100 this week and so far I’ve raised $400. I have 3 painting requests and I’m really excited to get going on them. 

I intended to go live again today on Facebook but I don’t want the art work and design submissions to pile up. I have to pace myself and ensure I can get the artwork out at a decent time. I do still have a full time job and this is additional work on what I am doing. 

I’m hoping to start my day early tomorrow and get a few things finished earlier in the day rather than being a night owl stuggling to wake up in the am. 

With that ✌️

In Honor Of Mothers Day

I shared how I’ve been privaledged to grow up with two mothers – two generations and infused with two unique cultures. My mom and my grandma – they’ve taught me so much and I’m thankful for them. 

Haitian moms have it real good because they get to celebrate this holiday, not once but twice! 

To all the moms out there happy Mother’s Day! 

Not All Is Lost

Not All Is Lost

Just when I thought all hope was lost. I got a missed call from a friend. Yesterday as I was typing up my blog post a dear college friend reached out – to thank me. I had just liked her Facebook photo as she was recently pinned to becoming a Nurse.

See, we both started out as designers at RIT and share a love of product design. We both know the struggle of getting into the field and she decided to go back for a second bachelors.

She went through a great deal of pain and suffering and told me that every bit was worth it. Considering my skepticism and feelings of doubt, it was necessary and timely for me to hear her say those words.

Every bit was worth it, you learn what to fight for, what isn’t necessary and every challenge is building you up. Every obstacle is there for a reason – you may not know why, but it’s well worth it. You have to remember why you started, and you have to really really know why you want it. Otherwise you won’t make it through.

Why did she thank me?

Because through those life challenges I was there as a good friend does to listen without judgement, to give counsel advice, to encourage. Note I’m not bragging but these are her words.

It left me feeling full. And I hit publish anyway for the blog post as I saw it fit for what I was experiencing. Often we aren’t true to what we feel and we don’t examine why we experience them or where they come from.

Challenging My Faith

Challenging my faith. I was listening to a sermon online today by Matt Chandler. It was about how to pray. It struck me a bit as I listened to the last scripture he talked about. “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever.” Psalm 23:6 
He mentioned we should Say what’s true. That we’ve already been equipped with the right words to pray to God. And my faith has been challenged. I despise that often Christianity is portrayed as praying to a genie. I believe that we as people often lack the proper words to express why we feel and what we experience. We also tend to exaggerate more than necessary. 

This sermon talked about the back and fourth we encounter – the push and pull of life – where we experience good and bad. When I think my life is in shambles I try to think of the story of JOB. 

The struggle my family goes through is nothing in comparison to what Job experienced. Perhaps it’s all a testament or preparation before I hop on a flight to foreign land.