Getting Married? How to Keep Your Costs Low

I’m getting Married!!! I gave myself some time to enjoy it and I didn’t post it to Facebook at all. I got engaged at the end of 2017, and I wanted to document the process in writing and with pictures.

When my fiancé proposed, not only did tears fall down, but my answer was yes! There was no indication that a proposal was coming. When he Proposed I cried, and I’m not sure why. I think its the excitement, and anxiety that played a role in it. I decided to do more digging in ways to save. At first I started with asking friends and family about how much they spent, and ways they cut costs.

The number one saving method is to have a small guest list, however family is huge. My grandmother had eleven children!!! And at this point each of her children has a family – at least one child. You can do the math. Now we are entering the generation of her children’s, children having children.

My fiancé has a fairly large family as well. Our fist draft guest list has 230 people. I haven’t even gotten through all my family embers at this point. It seems like we will have to do major cuts – or just have it at a non fancy hall.

Some people suggested having the wedding abroad, but due to certain family members we want at our ceremony that option is out.

Currently we are saving up for the big day – but the more planning we do, the more expenses I see.

When you got married how did you do it? What would you change? How did you cut costs? Let me know in the comments below!


Creativity Heals The Body?

Today I read a blog post written by James Clear. I found it interesting hearing the art can heal the body. I wanted to share so here’s the link to check it out. You can read it at

2018 Goals

So last year I set out a goal to make youtube videos.

And well I did for the first few weeks but fell off because I was doing too much. I really enjoy creating and have found it difficult to focus. Lately, I’ve been binge watching other artists create on youtube and figured I need to re-evaluate my goals.

So I made a list and a video to share it with you. I’m only sharing my personal development goals:

Be consistent with my YouTube channel (be more expressive, vocal, confident)

    • Create more opportunities through collaborations with creatives I know (locally)
    • Teach what I know about design and fine art – paint with me
    • share my fine art – Draw for 365 days (sketchbook tour)
    • Grow a community and network of like-minded people
    • Get better at storytelling and communication/speaking
    • Document my growth

Grow in Design industry

    • Be more visible in my industry
    • Throw an event
    • Develop my design portfolio
    • grow my newsletter

Things I’m hoping youtube can teach me:

    • branding and marketing
    • human-centered design

Other Goals

    • Learn to sew with my mom
    • Open an Etsy shop (for my mom)

Do you have goals or accomplishments you’d like to reach for 2018? Comment and share below.

Watch my video here

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Something New?

I promise you – the easiest thing to do is to start something new. A new blog, which is here, a new youtube channel – which I’ve lacked to continue posting here, my first ever blog here, followed by my second ever blog here, followed by my summer writings and natural hair inspirations here. I started one last blog to document my drawing for a class I took with Lauren Hom called passion to paid. My project drawings can be found here.

If you know the answer as to why its so difficult to remain consistent in the endeavors we set out – please educate me! However, I’ve been intentional about keeping projects separate.

Now I’m more so looking to establish a new routine and change my habits. I’ve been working on implementing things I’ve learned over the years by James Clear.

An Update on my mom’s health –

Her recovery is very slow and as I shared with a friend what’s going on they mentioned to me that in the old times in the bible, healing was known to be a process that took time.

I went with my mom to her evaluation for speech therapy evaluation. During our session, She had to point out shapes, animals, and describe a scenario in an illustrated image.  Towards the end, my mom was frustrated with not being able to name some things and she began to cry.

With time, she’ll ask about how to name something by describing it. She’s kept busy in the house through chores throughout the home. I’d really like for her to be a bit more active outside the home. Go for walks outside and get some fresh air – but shes often busy with my grandmother, or cleaning the home.

But I can’t expect her to change if I’m not willing to do whats good for me and my health. Like eating better or being physically active. So I’ve taken it upon myself to educate and learn how to treat my body as the temple it is.

As I reach closer to thirty, I know there are things that I just can’t do the same as I did before. Like eating heavy meals and going straight to bed or not being physically active at all.

We are all a work in progress.

I hope to be an inspiration for my mom someday.


grocery lists

who gets excited over a grocery list?

I did. My mom was able to write down a few items that she needed for the house. I see it as improvement in her memory of word recognition. Since her stroke, its been a slow recovery. It’s a reminder to me about patience, faith, and hope. In the fast pace of the world we tend to forget just how important it is to slow down.

Her stroke affected her speech, and memory of words, letters, numbers, — she forgot how to do mathematics.

I also believe her vision is slightly blurred.

It’s constant adapting and relearning.

When she is outside of therapy, we are using YouTube to teach her. The next step is to incorporate flash cards, and handouts that they used to give us in kindergarten and first grade.


Today marks a week

Today marks a week since my mom had a stroke. And there’s been so much that I’ve learned in these past few days.

  • the things that used to annoy me about my mom I now appreciate. Like the singing and humming – it reminds me that she’s happy and joyful.
  • hearing her call my name – but now she calls me my brother and sisters name.
  • seeing her smile – because seeing her cry makes me sad.
  • having her sew for me because seeing her hand weakened makes me remember we have gifts that need to be used.

Part of me wishes I stayed in bio – but I know that’s not what I was interested in. I enjoyed studying science and learning about nutrition – but I couldn’t and still can’t stand the sight of blood.

this experience has me thankful for some of the little moments with my mom. the constant reflection, the incoming of love from friends and family.


I walked through the door and the first thing I noticed was a phone on the couch. It wasn’t an iPhone, so I knew it wasn’t my sisters. My mom hardly spends time in the living room and her phone was much smaller. So who was here? Or did someone forget their phone?

I touched the screen to take a look, and check if there were any missed calls or a recognizable photo. None.

I walked into the kitchen and saw my mom sitting on the recliner chair and the nurses aid that was usually at the house for the morning shift.

Whats going on?

stroke, I had a stroke. I just looked at my mom in disbelief. Why was she still home, why didn’t she go to the hospital? Why is she smiling? Her speech, it’s slurred,

what is going

is going




The aid took it back for me and walked me through the story again, she was at church, about to read a verse, and noticed her tongue was heavy. she couldn’t speak. then she called her job, to tell them she couldn’t come in. and she came home – wait did she drive? I missed that detail – and she laid down. But she’s fine.

After relentlessly trying to tell my mom to go to the hospital, I picked up the phone and began to call my relatives.

Then my brother called. Then he came over.

And it was Around this time last night, My brother came over to take my mom to the hospital. Just a few hours before that I was coming home from work feeling great that I had spent a few extra hours to extend my learning of building using corrugated boards for displays.

only for everything to get turned upside down.

My boyfriend came over and stayed with me until about midnight. Then I decided to go to bed.

I eventually fell asleep. And immediately when I woke up I texted my brother for an update. She was admitted.

The worst part was being in the hospital to visit someone is feeling helpless for the person you are visiting. I knew what was going through her mind. Knowing that there is no one home for granny. Will the aides know to blend the spinach for her lunch? Do they know which meds to give?

Her wound needs to be changed. Granny needs to be rotated.

It was all so much to think about. and just sit there. not knowing what or how I could be of help.

I wanted to cry because I was thinking of the worse case scenario. but crying wouldn’t solve a thing.

so I sat, and prayed, and waited.

My mom says she’s ok. She was discharged about 6 pm and she’s now home. She has to take the week off from work. But from all this, I’ve learned medial coverage is nothing if someone still has to worry about the bills that will come to their homes after they’ve been serviced. That was all my mom could think about. its why she didn’t go to the hospital after what happened.

Oh, and we found out it wasn’t a stroke. She had a sinus infection and there’s a mass in her brain. They suggested it be monitored and assured us “its nothing”.

And as I am shutting down my mom just told me her headache has returned.

Let us pray.


Delving into Deisgn

One of the main reasons I delved into the design world was because of how versatile it is. From illustration to graphics, to engineering and product design, to designing experiences, places, and things – these are just a few capabilities design touches.  Someone decided to pay extra attention and add details that tend to be overlooked.

I also love that to create something compelling, do endless research, and testing to see if something works or fails.

But I’ve failed at testing things. I’ve been wanting to test my knowledge on web design, and haven;t created the space to do that. At times I get overwhelmed with the thought of all the things I’d like to do.

They always say, focus on one thing at a time. I believe this to be true. But we must always make room to implement, test or try some of these things we aspire to do.