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    Sketching Every Day

    I’ve been desiring to draw more. I’ve drawn nearly all my life, and after college, I stopped doing what came naturally to me. I’ve been struggling to get back into it, but I think I’ve found a way. In an attempt to get back into sketching, I’ve purchased additional paints, sketchbooks, pencil, and paper. Yet the start of sketching every day has yet to be fully in place. I have a friend that I talk to nearly every day and she sent me some inspirational posts. We talk about design, owning our own studios, and everyday challenges – from at home to the pressures we face every day. Each and every morning,…

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    Travel Jitters

    The traveling jitters are settling in. Sunday I went to a meetup and met some amazing people. I met another person who is half Haitian (Sac Pase’?)! She was half Haitian and half French. The meet-up was organized by my lettering artist and friend Eric. It was truly amazing to meet people who were traveling around the world. One person came from Texas, another from Portland!! My interest in travel has increased and I was able to share my upcoming service trip to Haiti. My nerves are beginning to get the best of me, I am uncertain of what to expect and more so what to bring! Never have I been so happy…

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    Unboxing Reaction Videos 

    In yesterday’s post, I talked about the process of my paintings. But I’m not sure if I mentioned people have been making reaction videos of the pieces they’ve gotten! They’ve logged onto Facebook live and created a video and have shared the link to donate to my missions campaign.

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    Behind the scenes painting process

    So as many people know – especially if you are following along my Facebook timeline and maybe even my twitter feed, I’ve been using my art and design to help raise funds for my missions trip in just a few short weeks. I found out today that my campaign is trending. (Yay) But trending won’t get me to Haiti 🇭🇹 Donations will. As an incentive to encourage people to give more, if one donates $100 or more I’ll create a custom piece for them. Today I’ll show you behind the scenes of painting number three. I can’t show you the completed painting of number two because well, it’s been shipped…

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    I had No Idea She Would Do This

    Can I tell you about my day yesterday? It started out a bit normal and then got a bit bumpy. In case you didn’t know I still have a day job. (Nothing wrong with that). I make point of purchase displays. They look something like this. I went into work as usual and about 3 pm I got a call from a friend that I hadn’t heard from for a while. You see these past weeks I’ve been making custom art and going live on Facebook to share the process. As I mentioned last week, I am going to Haiti on a Missions trip. This friend called me to tell…

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    I was listening to a podcast earlier today while at my 8 to 5 and it talked about Kickstarter and the emotional aspect of crowd sourcing. It resonated a bit as I continue the process with my fundraising for my upcoming missions trip. I decided to pair my funding with a reward for those that gave above $100 – an incentive if you will – to encourage more people to give in hopes of receiving something. The podcast briefly touched on the emotional roller coaster ride that ensues with hitting launch and waiting for the response of the public. it seems that one would never really know just how terrifying it…

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    Making A Buck Online

    I was going through my email today and came across an article that resonated all too well. If you are in the email marketing space, you are familiar with people having blogs, email lists, and signups and eventually selling goods or services online. For some reason, when it comes to those that are creative, people have the mindset that if we make a buck or two online we are sellouts. But – as used in the article – doctors that have their own practice that love what they do – are fine to charge for their services. The same goes for Lawyers and online businesses. Let it be anything of a…