Sketching Every Day

Sketching Every Day

I’ve been desiring to draw more. I’ve drawn nearly all my life, and after college, I stopped doing what came naturally to me. I’ve been struggling to get back into it, but I think I’ve found a way.

In an attempt to get back into sketching, I’ve purchased additional paints, sketchbooks, pencil, and paper. Yet the start of sketching every day has yet to be fully in place. I have a friend that I talk to nearly every day and she sent me some inspirational posts. We talk about design, owning our own studios, and everyday challenges – from at home to the pressures we face every day.

Each and every morning, I check my personal e-mail before arrival to work. I browse through until its time to start my day at work. Today I saw an email from an artist friend distances away. She quickly sketched my portrait at the then last seanwes conference. (Forgive me as I cannot seem to find the original Instagram post.) 


There are so many things that I aspire to do and I always come back to art, always. Art is my safe space. Last year, as a way to raise money for my very first international missions trip, (I went to Haiti to serve my people,) if anyone donated more than $200.00 USD, I made a custom painting for them.

Be Bold – for Brit
Portrait Painting for Latisha Styles.


I’d always wanted to visit. I even wanted my first trip to be more like a vacation, I wanted to see why it was known to be the pearl of the Caribbean. My mom and dad were born in Haiti. And I was able to serve by selling my paintings.


I also painted out of generosity. One of my good friends was in a horrible accident. She lost both of her babies. I decided to paint them and give her a beautiful memory.

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I've had my head down working …..

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As I checked my email today, an email from Liz wrote,


This is just a quick mid-month email to make sure that you have heard about a week-long online workshop which I will be part of. I shared details on my blog and Instagram account last week, but if you missed it, here is the information:

It’s called Sketchbook Revival (hosted by my new friend Karen Abend) running between 23 April – 4 May  (and drum roll please) it’s FREE!

It will feature over 20 artists (fine artists, illustrators, intuitive artists, designers, art therapists and art journalers etc) and each session will feature an activity/workshop with the focus on creating art inside a sketchbook. 

I did indeed miss the post. but I’ll be joining this challenge. One of my goals for the new year has been to sketch more. And to enter into a daily sketch challenge. I guess it’s being handed to me. I’ve since joined the facebook group and will be taking part in this daily sketch challenge that I found on Liz’s blog. Challenge link.

Lastly, if you’ve been on my blog before, you’ll notice a few changes. I’m looking to move this blog to more of a lifestyle blog. Integrating art, design, fitness, finance, and spirituality. Stick with me through these changes and remember to create, design, and build.

Appearance and Beauty

Appearance and Beauty

I’ve been know to be a girl that’s a little rough around the edges. Not caring too much to wear a full face of make up, if my eye brows are too dark, and often leaving out the house without putting on much lotion if any at all.

I used to follow this blog written by then Monique Brown call the MotorCityMoxie. Its now transformed into Feminine Allure with Monique Head. She’s now married and focuses on helping other women transform their lives, getting a committed man and helping women get what she wants.

Previously, on her blog she would talk about nail enamel – nail polish, wellness and beauty. She would often feature Sunday’s best with great Outfits. I had no idea that her blog was really leaving an impression on me.

This up coming week is Easter and I’ve convinced my mom to make an outfit for me. As a woman getting ready to be married I’m realizing beauty and appearance should matter even if just for myself. Rather than come to work without giving much thought to my hair, I’ve committed to sticking to a wig style that was custom made by my cousin.

While I’m working on getting a few blemishes removed, I put on a little make up yesterday. I shared that I was working on my self image with another relative of mine and she was excited for me. Aside from that I’m just working on bettering myself. As Monique used to say, “be good, look good, do better”.

Before I sign off, what do you think? Does Appearance matter much? Should we care so much about what we look like? Share your thoughts below.

Lastly, that image above wasn’t me at work today — I’m not even sure when I took that photo. It had to be before I left for Haiti Last year.


Vision Boards 

You ever make a vision board? 

This is mine from last August. I got together with a group of ladies to create a vision board. 

So far I’ve completed everything on this list with the exception of my fitness goals. 

I learned to swim, I’ve increased my savings, gained support – and have given support to others, I’ve found my happy, and built my self confidence. 

The year isn’t over yet and I’ve still got time to make better health choices. I made a private Instagram account to photograph my meals and I’ve joined a few Facebook groups to learn more about nutrition, health and fitness. 

On a conversation with an acquaintance, I listened to their opinion about people and weight. In their opinion, someone who’s overweight doesn’t care about themselves. Intrigued by their opinion I continued to listen, “it shows me that they don’t care about their health, that they don’t move around and they are lazy.” 

But I disagree with this belief. Sure you can assume that someone is lazy But what about medical issues? Or legit time and energy to to put the work in? 

My current schedule drains me. And I’d really like to shift things around. In the mean time I’ve made smaller commitments like changing my eating habits. And oh, I’ve purchased a Fitbit and my coworkers and family members challenge me to walk more and get those steps in. 

I know life only gets crazier and busier as time progresses. I know it’s important to be physically active and I’m a constant work in progress. 

What do you do to to get your fitness and wellness needs in?