Vision Boards 

You ever make a vision board? 

This is mine from last August. I got together with a group of ladies to create a vision board. 

So far I’ve completed everything on this list with the exception of my fitness goals. 

I learned to swim, I’ve increased my savings, gained support – and have given support to others, I’ve found my happy, and built my self confidence. 

The year isn’t over yet and I’ve still got time to make better health choices. I made a private Instagram account to photograph my meals and I’ve joined a few Facebook groups to learn more about nutrition, health and fitness. 

On a conversation with an acquaintance, I listened to their opinion about people and weight. In their opinion, someone who’s overweight doesn’t care about themselves. Intrigued by their opinion I continued to listen, “it shows me that they don’t care about their health, that they don’t move around and they are lazy.” 

But I disagree with this belief. Sure you can assume that someone is lazy But what about medical issues? Or legit time and energy to to put the work in? 

My current schedule drains me. And I’d really like to shift things around. In the mean time I’ve made smaller commitments like changing my eating habits. And oh, I’ve purchased a Fitbit and my coworkers and family members challenge me to walk more and get those steps in. 

I know life only gets crazier and busier as time progresses. I know it’s important to be physically active and I’m a constant work in progress. 

What do you do to to get your fitness and wellness needs in? 

My Love/Hate of MakeUp

Opinions are like belly buttons. Everyone has them but they don’t really matter. 

Now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s dig into my love/hate relationship with make up. 

I love that you can literally transform yourself. Last week I did my makeup everyday and it had a direct affect on my mood and my attitude. No one in the office could tell me off – yes it gave me a boot in confidence. But many people take it that if you need make up to leave the house then you don’t love yourself or that you lack confidence – or that you are being “fake”.  

I see it as part of a costume to play the part, besides when you look good you feel good and when you feel good you do better. 

I remember posting a question on my Facebook wall to get the opinions of others and it stirred up some good conversation. Every person has their reasons for putting it on (or not) but at the end of the day everyone wants to feel beautiful. 

I learned some people wear it just for fun, some people for confidence, others to hide blemishes. Sure we all have our own insecurities and some people just feel more secure with make up. ::shrugs:: (Just stay away from the pool in the summer!) 

Now for my real rant: the things I don’t like about make up: 

– the removal process. I feel like my face is never clean enough. (This is an invitation- if you’ve got good recommendations for makeup remover for sensitive skin, be sure to comment below).

– the dryness it causes to my skin. I like my skin soft! 

– acne! Need I say more? Some products require testing. 

– everyone is at a different skill level and if your face isn’t “beat to the Gods” people feel they have an invitation to critique. If I have the balls to walk out the house with a bold color on my lips/eyes – I could care less if you don’t like it. So long as I don’t look like a clown (less it be the actual costume) I shall be on my merry way. 

– I used to have combination skin and well now it’s more oily. Using those matte products can’t be good long term. 

Things I Love about make up: 

– compliments left and right, 

– fun to play in especially when dressing up for events. 

– adds a splash of color and fun to personality. 

– can be unique. 

So to my ladies out there- what are your thoughts on make up?

Comment below 👇👇👇

Motivation To Get Moving

In 2015 I successfully dropped 27lbs. In my workplace we made our own competition. We would all weigh in on the same day, if you maintained you were fine, if you gained anything you paid $5.00 for the week, and at the end of the competition biggest loser (most pounds lost) takes home the money pot.

I came in third place, but I had additional motivation to get moving and dropping the pounds. My brother was getting married and I wanted to look good. I had a few support systems in place too. Made a group chat with my friends and every week we would check in.

Fast forward to 2017 and I’ve gained the 27lbs back and then some. Currently I weigh 199.4 pounds. For me its not just the numbers that matter. I know I want to be a source of motivation for those around me, and well yesterday I had a conversation with my mom and it pushed me to get moving again today.

She was telling me how she believed I eat healthy and that I just needed to go back to the gym. For the most part I sometimes eat healthy, but we order out so much and sometimes I order anything but a salad. So after the conversation with my mom I felt guilty. I felt like I was lying to her.

I decided I need to be consistent, dedicated and rearrange my schedule to fit my activities. Between 2015 and today I know I’ve experienced burn out from doing too much for everyone else and not taking care of myself. And if you think putting your self first is selfish vs is being selfless, check out this podcast.

I believe we put so much emphasis on the numbers that we forget to analyze the way we feel. I know our body talks, for example if I eat something that is high in sodium, I’ll eventually get a headache and need a nap. Generally, when my mom cooks, its not salty because she has medical issues and doesn’t cook with much salt.

Often I wonder just how “healthy”  Haitian food ranks. Our meals consist of lots of rice and sides include legumes, cooked veggies and meat. I think if the portion sizes were different it wouldn’t be so bad. We use lots of spices in our cooking.

So today is a new day, and I’ve hit reset. No more stress binge eating and time to quit lying to not only my mother but myself too.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor This is after I’d drop the 27lbs at my brothers wedding. When I go through my facebook photos the number of full body shots go down so clearly I know whats happening. Most of us know what to do to drop weight and be healthy. The difficulty is discipline and being truthful to ones self.

Today I did 30 min of cardio on the treadmill at a incline of 3.5 and a speed of 3.4. It was more like speed walking and I did break out a little sweat. While on the treadmill the only thought that kept crossing my mind was be kind to yourself.

I believe we go through so many thoughts a day, and we easily beat our selves up for what we don’t do. Be Kind to yourself, always. Now get up and get moving!

At 199.4 lbs this is what I’m working with …

Oh and this planet fitness looks way better than the ones near my house!!!

I choose to love me as I am in the body I currently have. There’s always room for improvement. And you’ve got to start somewhere.

 add me!